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The modern civilization conquers mother earth in 1 Breath Time (WIN)

Emilio's 53 second without air,
intensively painting in a single breath.

In the performance the artist painted in a single breath how the modern civilization had conquered mother earth. The 3 meter X 2 meter Format is actually a video of a single frame. While painting Emilio lost his sight and kept painting (when he used the black paint) until he fainted.
The photo was taken in the Artist ecological farm that also functions as a non-profit community center contributed by him to the local community in order to learn and practice sustainable development.
Everything in the farm is grown organically, and a variety of workshops are held there.

The modern civilization conquers
mother earth in 1 Breath Time

Acrylic on Canvas 300 cm X 200 cm

Occupation in 1 Breath Time

Acrylic on Canvas
250 cm X 170 cm

Emilio as he collapse after painting the artwork
in a single breath

1 Breath Time to escape the tear-gas grenades and 1 Breath Time to paint.

In the middle of a the clash between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian villagers in Biddu, a Palestinian village near Jerusalem.

Urbanization conquers nature in 1 Breath Time / September 15 2003

See video

Broadcast on Israel Channel 3
Emilio as he exists and inhale

Emilio was invited by an environmental party to paint in "1 Breath Time", in order to attract media coverage to their campaign.

Prior to painting, he said: I am about to paint in a single breath, the city of Tel-Aviv from its natural existence to its contemporary, formidable state.

What took nature a million years to create, mankind is destroying in just 1 breath time.

Tel Aviv / Urbanization
conquers nature in 1 Breath Time

Acrylic on Canvas 180 cm X 120 cm

1 Breath Time Manhattan - 9/11 / 22 September 2003

See video

The artist drew Manhattan from its beginning and up to the tragic events of 9/11 in a single breath.
Broadcast in the Israeli national TV channel.

The Manhattan creation took place at an opening of a 1 Breath Time exhibition.
More about the Exhibition - click here

Manhattan Sept. 11

Acrylic on Canvas 190 cm X 120 cm


1 Breath Time event about Climate Change / June 2003

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The artist creates a 4 planktons series, each painted in a single Breath. The microscopic Zu-plankton were painted on a 2X2 meter canvas.

These creatures are at the basis of the ocean food chain, and are in risk of extinction due to Climate Change.

more about the event - click here

1 Breath Time painting in a Palestine village 10 Jan. 04

see low quality video | high

Emilio paints a Palestinian girl in 1 Breath Time in a Palestine village, Al-nar, near Tul-Karem.
Before painting he said: May our breath be united with your breath, and together we will bring peace.

1 Breath Time painting in a Bedouin village / Jan. 9 2004

see video

The artist paints in 1 Breath Time a child from the El-Azazme Bedouin tribe, in the most polluted area in the Middle East, Ramat Hovav.

Emilio joined Bustan L' Shalom and the Bedouin villagers of Wadi el Na'am for the opening of the Wadi el Na'am medical clinic. The clinic is the culmination of a 3.5 year project that hundreds of activists have helped to construct, believing that
health care is a right, not a privilege.

A Hilarious Direct Action in Tel Aviv/ December 2003

See video

As part of an ongoing struggle against the continuing destruction of the red sea marine life by the fish farms, "Green Course" organized a protest.

There, Emilio painted a 2 by 2.5 meter "Denise" fish in 1 Breath time, featuring the mass production fish as a menace to our health.

1 Breath Time in front of 100 people in the artist studio / 20 December 2003

Participants from international peace organizations.

Emilio lectured about the 1 Breath Time philosophy and painted one of the participants.

see video

After a long day of joyful experience of learning and working in the artist field the service for peace members painted in
1 Breath Time together.

Music for peace event / 15 December 03

See video

Music for peace event in which Arab and Jewish artists participated

Video format supporting Mac (Real media player required)

Direct Action - Social / 22 September 2003

In the summer of 2003, a single mother from an unemployment struck city started hundreds km walk from her desert town to Jerusalem, Israel's capital.

She was able to capture Israel's undivided love and attention, but only till the next "hot" item.

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Acrylic on Canvas
190 cm X 200 cm

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