The 1 Breath Time Manifesto

The year is 2004 and modern civilization is given 1 Breath Time as a tool, to understand the urgency, and lack of time we have to address crucial social & environmental challenges.

A whole life is manifested in a single breath, in a visual prayer, aiming to transform our hectic and materialistic way of living, which is putting an end to the fragile balance that enables life.

The artist inhales, holding his breath and begins to create. Gradually, the oxygen is used and carbon dioxide is accumulating in the lungs.
This causes an effect of a primal survival movement, which intensifies as he fights for his life in front of the artwork. The artist is now in his survival momentum, a realistic reflection of how little time we have left.
In the same way the citizen breath is dramatically shortens,
attempting to conquer a large canvas, so does the present mankind's breath shortens,
as it conquers mother earth.

When the artist runs out of air, sometimes until the loss of consciousness, he disconnects from the artwork that is completed,
unable to touch it anymore. The artwork is a personal signature of the artist in 1 Breath Time, a Zen of the survival movement which describes our contemporary dimension.

In the dawn of mankind, we had almost no information, yet much time.
Today, endlessly bombarded by information and advanced technologies,
we have NO TIME.

Time is breath.

1 Breath Time is not only about fine art that liberates the essence of the citizen, but it is also a way of life that doesn't take for granted all that is made by modern civilization.
It is focused on understanding, compassion and simplicity.

This manifesto was conceived by Emilio Mogilner, in april 2002.

Linda Weintraub, art curator, historian and an author of several popular books about contemporary art,
devoted recently a chapter in her latest book
about Emilio.

Eco-Book about Emilio

A 1 Breath Time catalogue will be published shortly - meanwhile some of the text in it is available.