The 1 Breath Time Manifest

The modern civilization conquers mother earth in 1 Breath Time 18 Feb. 2004

53 second without air,
intensively painting in a single breath.
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In the performance the artist painted in a single breath how the modern civilization had conquered mother earth. The canvas is actually a video of a single frame. While painting Emilio lost his sight and kept painting, until he fainted.

The photo was taken in the Artist ecological farm.

The modern civilization conquers
mother earth in 1 Breath Time

Acrylic on Canvas 300 cm X 200 cm

The "Survival momentum" series /14 June 2004
This 1 Breath Time painting is the survival momentum of the founder, Emilio Mogilner: "There is no more time to waste - the climate change is on the way. The world of Art recycles the history, when actually the human race has only one breath time to change its behavior to mother earth".

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* real speed of creation

1 Breath Time Manhattan - 9/11 / 22 September 2003

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An opening of a 1 Breath Time exhibition.
The opening Broadcast in the Israeli national TV channel.

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AvriGilaad/ Sept. 2003

Acrylic on Canvas
190 cm X 120 cm


1 Breath Time public painting -
the people's movement

Women Of Peace - Middle East Peace Initiative  / May 26, 2004 Israel
Hundreds of women that came from 33 countries worldwide to Israel to participate in a Peace Initiative

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Moments before painting in 1 Breath Time
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A woman portrait - Social / 22 September 2003

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In the summer of 2003, a single mother from an unemployment struck city started hundreds km walk from her desert town to Jerusalem, Israel's capital.

She was able to capture Israel's undivided love and attention, but only till the next "hot" item.

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Acrylic on Canvas
190 cm X 200 cm